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Politeknik Negeri Jakarta’s Project-Based Learning Program Assists 40 MSMEs in Improving Marketing

 Politeknik Negeri Jakarta’s Project-Based Learning Program Assists 40 MSMEs in Improving Marketing Perbesar

July 29th, Depok – Amidst the spirit of entrepreneurship development in Indonesia, a valuable activity took place for 2 months at the Jakarta State Polytechnic. Through the Project Base Learning program, students from the D3 Business Administration, Majoring in Business Administration, have assisted more than 40 micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) in enhancing their marketing efforts.

This program, which focuses on practical skills, is conducted as part of the D3 Business Administration curriculum with the aim of integrating the theories taught in the classroom with real-world business experiences. The students are engaged in activities that are relevant to the needs and challenges faced by local MSMEs.

During the span of 2 months, the students collaborated with MSME owners to identify weaknesses in their marketing strategies and design effective plans to boost the sales of their products or services. They applied the knowledge and skills they had acquired from previous learning to address various challenges faced by local entrepreneurs.

The Coordinator of the Business Administration program, Taufik Akbar, stated that this activity provides far more meaningful benefits to the students compared to learning solely in the classroom. “In this project, the students not only gain theories and knowledge but they also actively engage with the real world and interact directly with the MSME owners. This experience enriches them with invaluable practical insights and knowledge,” he said.

Besides benefiting the students, this program also has a positive impact on the participating MSMEs. Some of them have reported significant increases in sales and brand exposure after implementing recommendations from the students.

One of the MSME owners, Maryani, expressed her delight with the assistance provided by the students from Jakarta State Polytechnic. “We received fresh ideas and creative strategies from them. Our business now stands out, and sales have increased substantially after following their recommendations,” she said with a smile.

It is expected that Project Base Learning programs like this will continue to be an essential part of the curriculum in higher education institutions to support the development of entrepreneurship and contribute positively to MSMEs in Indonesia. Active collaboration between educational institutions and the business world can create a productive environment and produce graduates who are ready to face the challenges of the working world.

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